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troubles with Pixel Editor


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With current: LOR 4.3.14 Pro, SS license for 60 CCRs.

LOR in Visualizer, I created 4 Arches kind of fan Segments 24 and 20 pixels per segment DMX.
In SS I imported the 4 arches created with LOR View and created a musical sequence (X) I imported into S E. Visualization way everything works.
Then I open Pixel Editor and I create my 4 arches I incorporate my sequence (X) then I add special effects I backup: Save Data Intensity.
When I open and I S E incorporates the file (X) with: Save Data Intensity, the sequence that I created with SS is not correct see unreadable against the party created with Pixel Editor works well.
I have already created 4 sequences that function properly but the following crash when I add special effects (Pixel Editor) .Pouvez you help me?
I recreated many times the pattern of my arches in LOR Visualizer well as Pixel Editor and the problem is the same.

Mr. Pedro Estruga

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Instead of creating new arches in the pixel editor you should just import the visualizer into the pixel editor less chance of channel mistakes.

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