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Hi All

First thanks for all your help

I jumped in the LOR party !!

I now have purchased 2 x CTB16-PC and 2 x CMB24-D

i have 20 x 240v strings and 240v motifs for my CTB16-PC, then 4 x floodlights and 12 dumb RGB led strip lights for my CMB24-D

i have planned where my lights go, i thought that would be the hard part....but now the sequencing...where do i start..i have a few 32 channel sequences.

i have had a play with the sequencing software, at the moment i have 32 channels set up for 2 controllers i am thinking these are for 2 CTB16-PC boxes, what is the best way to add the 2 CMB24-D boards into the sequences.

i can see i have unit 1 channels 1-16 unit 2 channels 1-16. Question is do i just add another controller (device type light o rama) but is that 8 channels or 24 channels (because 8 rgb strips but 3 colors??) and i then try and match each channel to the music.

Thanks in advance


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Right click one of the channels on the left side of the sequence editor, and click "Insert RGB channels > Insert Multiple RGB channels. For each CMB24-D you will need to add 8 RGB channels. Each RGB channel contains 3 colored channels automatically so you will end up with 24 channels. 

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