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Modding an existing DMX light into driving LED ropelight.

Rafter Bar R

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I bought a cheap three color LED dmx light(four dmx channels). Removed the board and assembled it into a custom box, connected the output to drive three opto-scr isolators driving three scr's on a second board also equipped with a full wave bridge. This circuit board was designed to drive a positive grounded 120 volt rgb LED ropelight. I only needed three circuits and did not want to waste a 16 channel dc controller just to drive one three circuit ropelight. The dmx controller works fine with only one problem, I lost the fading capability. Instead of driving several LED's it now drives one LED inside of the opto-isolator per channel. I may have a fix for that, I will have to try it sometime.

The system works fine except for that one little problem, I can live with that. I now have 30 or so feet of rgb LED ropelight that now works with the LOR system.

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