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Pixel order on Visualizer v. pixel order in SS grid

Ed K

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In Visualizer, I had drawn a 94-pixel prop of C9s from bottom (sidewalk) to the middle of the Visualizer window (near the house). So pixel #1 was at sidewalk, and last pixel was near house.  I forced the row/column location in SuperStar's grid.

Not until I imported the Visualizer file into SuperStar did I realize that I had drawn the prop in the wrong order.  I wanted pixel #1 near the house, and the last pixel near the sidewalk.

So, I deleted the prop in Visualizer, redrew it in the reverse order (i.e., start near house and end at sidewalk), saved the file, then imported it into SuperStar (again, with the same forced SuperStar row/column for the prop).

SuperStar put the prop in the same location in the sequencing grid, which is what I wanted.  But, the pixel order in SS is still the same as the old prop (e.g., pixel #1 is near sidewalk).

I have three other nearly identical yard props of C9 strings that do display in the correct order on SS's sequencing grid.  But, I had originally drawn these three other props in the correct order in Visualizer (i.e., from house to sidewalk).

Is there a way to fix this?

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In general, SuperStar will attempt to layout your pixels from left to right regardless of which direction you laid them out in the visualizer. If you want them laid out going the other direction and the pixel string is in a fixture then click on the "superstar" button in the fixture properties dialog box for that fixture and select "reverse order in superstar".

If you have an older version of the visualizer and there is no "superstar" button in the fixture properties dialog box, then type the following in the comment line of the fixture properties dialog box:

superstar reverse

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Excellent, that worked.  I do have the latest version of Visualizer.

And, yes, the prop's end was slightly to the left of the prop's beginning (sidewalk end was slightly left of the house end) on the Visualizer screen, which is what SuperStar sees, so numbering it that way.  My other three C9 string props are slightly the reverse:  the house starting location is slightly to the left of the ending sidewalk location.


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