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The feature I'm looking for is the ability to skew only parts of a track.

I'm still so used to LOR1. I used the resize event to feature all the time to skew small portions of the song (like 10 seconds). By resizing the first and last event in the small section you want to change, you could skew that small portion of the song without affecting the rest of the timings. The copy timings feature in S2 does let you do this, but then you get duplicate timings marks (the original marks and the new ones that you paste.) I was hoping we'd see this "skew" feature in a manner where it can shift only certain events as opposed to the entire track.

I just realized while typing this that I can copy the timing, delete the timing, then paste the timing where I want. This is definitely easier than deleting all the duplicate events by hand. I can't believe how long I've spent deleting each extra event individually. Doh! :shock:

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