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Minor bugs in v2.0.14


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bob wrote:

Steven wrote:
If we find bugs, how are they to be reported?

Please start a thread in this forum.

Ok, you got it.

#1: This is not something you will normally do, but it still produces unexpected results:
  1. Edit an existing sequence.
  2. Create a new track.
  3. Bring up the Channel Property Grid dialog, and delete all channels from the new track(!)
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Attempt to save the sequence. You will get the "sequence is corrupted" error.

#2: (keyboard problem):

  1. Edit a sequence with enough channels to produce an up/down scroll bar.
  2. Press the volume + or volume - keys on the keyboard.

On my keyboard, the volume keys will usually cause the channel list to scroll down. It does the some thing with the Mute key, the "Web/Home" key, the "Favorites" key, and most of the keys on the top. I'm using the "DELL by Microsoft Natural® Keyboard Pro" keyboard on my XP Pro system.

#3: "Save needed (*)" set incorrectly:

  1. Edit an existing sequence. Don't change anything yet.
  2. In the waveform bar, click "Scale Up" or "Scale Down". Note that an asterick will be added to the titlebar, marking the sequence as needing to be saved.

However, if you save it at this point, it will not save the scale change you just made.

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