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P10 Matrix


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I am building a 20 panel (4x5) P10 matrix.

There will be exactly 60 universes of DMX (3 per panel)

30720 channels and 10240 pixels.


I plan to program it in XLights and the PE (I have not worked out how to create the matrix in the PE yet) and mainly use video on it.



I have absolutely no idea how to create this big in the visualiser. All I know it starts at the top left and does a snake pattern down.

You can't have more than 64 horizontal pixels in a matrix, and no more than 170 pixels in one fixture.


I thought about lots and lots of lines, but each line doesn't start at a new universe, and the Visualiser won't let you do this.

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I had the same issue with my 8000 pixel matrix.  I managed to get it to work in Visualizer, but still not able to work with it in SS at this time.  What I did was I took my 63 x 126 pixel matrix and split it into 2 63 x 63 matrices in visualizer.  It allowed me to view it properly.  In PE I did the same thing, made 2 matrices and grouped them together so I could span the effects across the whole thing. Or just on half.  It's not too difficult to set up in PE, I used Excel to count out the pixel numbers and then copied and pasted them into the Custom Tab of the Prop Set Up.  Make sure to tell it the correct Universe number to start with.  I then grouped them together and amazingly, it works.

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