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Time saver: Solder Shrink Sleeves

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I bought a bunch of these from Holiday Coro. Basically it is heat shrink with solder built in saving a step when soldering on pigtails, connecting strings, etc.

They appear to work pretty good. I still plan to put another layer of Waytek heat shrink on the outside (just like Alan taught me to do).

Link: HC Solder Shrink Sleeves, Link: Waytek heat shrink tubing


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John, you really want to use a small butane torch or even a lighter. A torch will finish that connection in about 3 seconds. It took you about 2 minutes with the heat gun. Good video though. I have used these connections before, but if you have a lot to do, it can be very pricey compared to solder and heat shrink tube.


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Thanks for the quick video JSTORM. Loved the HULK roar near the end as you try to break it. lol

I ordered 400 of these during the sale and have yet to try them out. I was surprised by how tiny they are.

If you overheat it... does the red waterproof seal get ruined?


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