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Determine where SuperStar places the grid for a Visualizer prop

Ed K

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Does anyone have a tip for how to get a 35 pixels (vertical) X 6 pixels (horizontal) prop that I drew in Visualizer to show up in SuperStar’s sequencing grid as 35 rows by 6 columns?

The 210-pixel prop is made up of two fixtures:
1.    170 pixel fixture, and 
2.    40 pixel fixture.

I checked on “Force SuperStar Row/Column” in each of my props’ properties, and typed in the row and column for each of my props.  This worked for every other prop, including mini trees, and sort of works for this 35X6 prop:   at least the set of grid boxes in SuperStar begins in row 23 and the column that I want, AND, the set of grid boxes all top out in row 23, which I specified for the prop (I attempted to attach an 80K .jpg file of a screen shot, but this forum's software won't let me attach it, telling me I can’t exceed 158K).

What’s showing up in SuperStar?    The first four columns of the grid are correct (pixels 1 - 140).  Then, the first 5 pixels of the second universe of 40 pixels show up in their own column (Col 5).  The last 30 pixels (pixels 141 – 170) of the first universe are in the next column of grid boxes (Col 6).  Finally, the last 30 pixels (pixels 6 – 35) of the second universe are in the last column of grid boxes (Col 7). So, I have 7 columns of grid boxes, not 6.

I  then put the text string “superstar maxlength=35” in the comments field of the prop, but that made things worse.  SuperStar placed each of the 2nd through 6th columns of grid boxes beginning in row 1, which made them overlap 5 columns of another prop’s sequencing grid that is directly above it in SuperStar’s sequencing grid.  So, SuperStar correctly established 6 columns of 35 boxes for the prop, but columns 2 – 6 each began in row 1, not row 23.  

I’m able to get SuperStar to place all other props in the rows/columns I want, including four mini trees.  It is just this prop (which is essentially a small matrix) that I can’t figure out how to place within a 35-row X 6 column grid.

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Ok, here's a .jpg of a that portion of the SuperStar sequencing grid that if for the 35 X 6 pixel prop.



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What version of superstar are you running?

Please email your visualization to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it. The visualization will end with .lee and should be at:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor

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