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How to Delete a Group of Props in PE

Ed K

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Is there a way to delete a group of props created in PE?  

(1)  I tried creating a new group with the same name as the one I want to delete, but I got an error message when I clicked on Save. 

(2)  I can de-select the group in the Select Props window, which eliminates it from being displayed in the sequencing window.  But, I'd like to actually delete the group.

LOR's online documentation for creating groups in PE does not include a description of how to delete a PE group, so maybe it's not an option.

BTW, grouping props is an excellent way to allow sweeping an effect across the entire group (e.g., the entire house), which Matt pointed out in another post.

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Go to Tools < Manage Previews, select the preview that has your group in it.then click on modify.  Go to List, select group. In the Group pulldown you have the option to delete the group.


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In preview design, select List > Group from the menu. There you can delete a group - either from the menu or using the Delete key. This does not delete the *members* of the group - you will need to do this separately.


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