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Project sell off - Controllers and Power supplies


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I am selling off the majority of a project I had going. PM’s will be answered in order received. Buyer pays actual USPS Priority Mail shipping. Paypal only. Everything was bought new in 2015 except for the two old 110V boards.




If something is not circled in the photo it is not for sale.




RED = 3 x LOR CMB24D $50.00 each

Orange = LOR CTB16D 110V $40.00


Yellow = LOR CTB08D 110V $20.00


Green = 3 x DMX36 $50.00 each


Blue top - 5v WS2811$10.00 170 pixels (or 510 channels)


Blue bottom = 12v WS2811$10.00 (170 pixels (or 510 channels) changed from 5v to 12v internally)


Not Shown = WS2811 DMX start channel programmer$10.00


White =


4 x 12V30A  $25.00 each


5V60A $25.00


5V40A $25.00


24V5A $10.00


24V2.5A $5.00


Not Shown = DMX512 Decoder 4 ch $25.00


Not Shown = 2 x Holidaycoro DMX512 ActiDongle $25.00 each


Not Shown = LOR USB-RS485-HS High Speed $10.00


Not Shown = LOR SC485-RJ45 Serial Adapter $10.00

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2 x 12V30A SOLD


5v WS2811 controller Pending  

12v WS2811 controller Pending  

WS2811 Channel programmer Pending

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