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JRW11 Universe number added to device name


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This was originally reported in another forum section by jimswinder in 4.2.12 Pro, and I confirmed it in 4.3.2 Pro and 4.3.4 Pro.  Jim did such a fine job typing it up, I am going to use his description here:

------ begin jimswinder's description ------

I am inserting some Arches into my Sequence Editor using the "Insert Device Below" option.

Device is "DMX" and I change the name from "DMX" to "Arch 5" and assign it "Universe 12"

Why does it add the Universe Number (12) to the name so I end up with "Arch 512"???

Any way to shut this off so you end up with the name (ARCH 5) you actually want??

And on top of that, it then names all the pixels as "Arch 512 p1, Arch 512 p2,etc" since I have the "Include base unit ID in Channel Names" checked...

------  end of jimswinder's description ------

I was able to confirm both the addition of the universe number to the end of the entered name, and that the base unit ID gets included in the pixel names regardless of the setting of the "Include base unit ID in Channel Names" checkbox.  So that makes it really two bugs.

In my case I tested this on my laptop (32 bit Win7 Pro with 4.3.4 Pro), my sequencing desktop (64 bit Win7 Pro with 4.3.2 Pro), and my show computer (32 bit WinXP with 4.3.4 Pro).


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