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Feature Request: Flicker


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I would love to see flicker to simulate candles or mega tree stars, plus would be great for Halloween...

If I understand shimmer it goes from full on to full off very quickly but in a set pattern. Twinkle goes much slower and in a random pattern but still full on to full off. Ideally what I would like is like twinkle but go from say some random intensity to full on not to go below a set intensity. Say twinkle from 50%-100% randomly and in random intervals, to give the illusion of a flickering candle.

I hope that made some sense....:?



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You can do something similar to this currently. If you are using LOR II, using the Fade tool settings, change the start and finish settings to the intensity you want, such as 20% to 100%. Draw your ramp up for the length of time you want and then ramp it down. That way, it will go from 20 to 100 and back down to 20. If you use adjoining lights on different channels, you can start another fade up and down using the same setting or a different one, at a different beginning point on the other channel. Depending upon how long or short the fades are, you can get everything from a flicker to a wave type action. I did this on my mini-trees and mega tree last year. On the mini trees, it looked like a wave of light was passing from one tree to the next.

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