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Hi everyone


I'm just wondering if anyone has used the software program DMXIS in conjunction with LOR S4


I am looking to add some moving head colour wash LED lights this year and thought that it would be easier to program via DMXIS  and run it side by side with LOR


Link to the program is below









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Hey Jerome,


I haven't used the hardware/software in the links you provided. I am interested in doing the same thing for my show as you mentioned. As I understand the DMXIS hardware/software, you would have to run it independently of LOR. It might be a task to sync it with your show. i.e. trying to run both LOR and DMXIS at the same time. If you find you can do this, I'd really be interested see how it goes. I am always on the look out to make sequencing easier. I have downloaded some sample stuff, but I haven't found anything that you can control and then export into LOR. I'm not sure if that is what you are asking.


You can control DMX moving head lights thru LOR, although I'm finding it somewhat tedious to do. In a separate thread on this forum http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/37388-sequencing-dmx-moving-heads/ Ken Benedict provides a video on how to control your moving head light with LOR. Having the booklet defining how many channels and what they control is really needed.


I just bought 2 moving head lights ( http://www.amazon.com/Eyourlife-Moving-Disco-Effect-Lighting/dp/B013UPEKY8/ref=sr_1_160?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1451195020&sr=1-160&keywords=dmx+moving+head ) and a Chauvet DJ Swarm (actually a Christmas present  :) ) ( http://www.chauvetlighting.com/swarm5-fx.html ) for a DMX controller I got the Holiday Coro Enttec-Pro-Compatible-DMX-Dongle ( http://www.holidaycoro.com/Enttec-Pro-Compatible-DMX-Dongle-p/53.htm ) I also opted to go wireless to these units because of distance from the show PC to these units. I have started sequencing all the units and so far so good. I have some hints to help you along if interested. PM me if you want.



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Here are some pics I drew up to explain what my setup will be. I use pic2 as a quick reference when sequencing.

Both pics show my areas where I want the moving heads to be active in (at least horizonitaly) I do summer shows and have an area for the audience to sit ie. Audience Viewing Area. All my moving lights and Swarm5FX will be above (about 10 ft) and behind the audience. I'm making 2 boxes to set the bases of the 2 moving lights into so that they will always be in the same spot and oriented as shown in Pic2. The boxes will be attached to my deck railing. I intend to do some pin point lighting so it is important to me that the lights will always move to the same spot and make for a quick setup.



After some intial testing I discovered that my lights will not go clockwise from 0 deg to 270 deg as shown in Pic1. They will spin counterclockwise from 0 deg to 270 deg. My moving head lights take about 2-3 seconds to rotate from 0 deg to 270 deg. This wasn't going to work for me as I want to move the lights back and for in the green shaded area. ie sweep from left to right. By changing the orientation of the lights as shown in Pic2 I can go from 0 deg to 180 deg and anywhere in between fairly quickly. (Pic2)





In the third pic DMX Channel Values you will see Channel 1 (PAN ie. rotate) has a dmx value of 0 to 255. My moving head lights will pan (rotate) 540 deg (1 1/2 circles)
In order to figure out where I wanted to pan my lights to I needed to know what dmx value was associated with what pan degree I wanted. Since the light pans 540 deg, that equaled 6 - 90 deg segments. So I divided 255 (max dmx value) by 6 and came up with 42.5 (dmx value for 90 deg) for 45 deg I divided 42.5 by 2 and came up with 21.25 (dmx value). I listed the dmx values associated with each degree on pic 2. What all this means is when I start sequencing in Sequence Editor I already have an idea of where I want the light to go and the associated dmx value to plug in. Removes alot of guessing of where the light will be pointed. For instance, if I wanted to light the flag pole and it was located at a 45 deg angle from the lights, I give the pan channel a dmx value of 21.25 and light will always go there.

Hopefully this is some food for thought and I didn't confuse you. These are things I figured out once I got my lights and attempted to add some dmx values to the Sequence Editor. If you intend to some color wash of walls, you may not have to be as precise as I am attempting. You will still need to figure out angles and dmx values. By always placing the light(s) in the same place will be important. Of course you will also need to know what Tilt values you need, but that will depend on the elevation you have your moving head lights at.

I hope this helps. Any question feel free to ask, I'm learning as I go also.


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Excellent information Allan


Thank you for taking the time to post it all.


I really hope that the developers at LOR decide to include an easier way to use these types of lights with their software.

The current process, though it will works is very tedious.




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