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How do you "un-check" Enhanced?


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Some time during the process of configuring Com5 and Com6 ports in the Network Configuration Utility, "Enhanced" got selected for Com6.


When re-configuring Com6, I cannot de-select Enhanced LOR Network, and it always shows up in the right most column.


I understand Enhanced can only be used at PRO level, and I am running Advanced - not planning on upgrading to PRO.



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There is a bug in some versions of S4 that will incorrectly set that, and then not allow you to un-set it.   There are several options:


You can do a registry wipe and re-install.  That will take care of the problem, but does mean you'll have to reconfigure everything.

I can do a quick remote session with you.  The fix itself will take about 20 seconds, loading the remote help software a couple of minutes.  Please open a help desk ticket and ask it come to Mike

You can install the current Beta version if your license allows.  That has a fix in it that will prevent the bug and fix the checkbox if needed.  We plan on releasing the current beta as 'production' soon since there are no other reported bugs with it.

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