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Dennis Laff

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Matt if you want to use the movie in the effects generater what format does the movie have to be in? Thanks Dennis

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I use a suite of programs called AVS4YOU. The suite comes with Video Editor, Video Converter, Audio Editor, Audio Converter and other programs. I use the Video and Audio stuff alot. I also have Adobe Premier but it cost more.


A link to the AVS4YOU is here, http://www.avs4you.com/index.aspx from what I read it is shareware that is fully useable, but will put watermarks on videos until you purchase it. At least you can download the demo version and see it if fits your needs.



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VirtualDub is good. I have used it.

Less and less software comes on a CD all the time.

Also VLC media player can convert video.

I use Adobe After Effects to create and render all my video effects. It is really good and I can create whole sequences.

Before I got Pro I used XLights for video and had to convert it to thousands of JPEGs. I used FFMPEG to do it. FFMPEG can convert video. It needs to be downloaded but is very small. I think that VirtualDub uses it. It is a command line application though, so a little complicated at first.

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I tried using Virtual dub to make an animated gif. So I have the GIF file and the audio file. When I open pixel editor and add the GIF to the entire length of the sequence the audio plays at the correct speed but the video is behind to where they don't line up. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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Animated GIFs are good for short animations, but their timing may not be exact. You should be able to create an uncompressed AVI file with Virtual Dub. Then you can use that AVI file in a movie effect and have more accurate timing.


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