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How Many Pixels On Each Output?


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I am going to build a matrix out of WS2812B Strip (7 5m Strips, each cut in half). The matrix will have 1050 pixels.

I was going to run it across two outputs of my Pixlite4 controller and have 7 75 pixel strips on each output. I read that the more pixels on each output, the slower the refresh rate.


I want the refresh rate as fast as I can get it, and the matrix as smooth as possible.

Should I split the matrix up onto all 4 SPI outputs or even put each strip (14 strips, each half of a full 5m strip, so 7 5m strips) on each output or two on each output of my Falcon controller?


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I would split it.  As a test, I just set an idle output on one of my E6804s to a string of 525 WS2811 pixels to see what the refresh rate is.  Came up to 23 refresh cycles per second - or 43 mSec.  Since DMX outputs new levels every 23 mSec, half of the updates from LOR will never get sent to the pixels.

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Ok. Thanks for the test!

I will split the matrix accross four outputs on my Pixlite 4, so it will have a dedicated controller, which is probably best.


I could use 7 outputs of my Falcon F16. Do you think that there would be a major improvement the more I split it up, or does it reach a point where the pixels refresh faster than LOR can output DMX packets?

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