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Sorry seen this had to share

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I came across it on Facebook. But shouldn't be to hard to have a sign shop make one for you.

Just save the image, crop, and move it to the correct position, save it out, then print it yourself.    Cheaper than sign shop making them for you, unless you want them made of metal.


I just print and laminate my own, helps make them somewhat weatherproof, but it's cheap enough to just print out another one when the first one wears out or may happen to get smeared or faded when or if the weather gets at it.


Print mine on heavy card stock or heavy photo paper {8-1/2"x11"} in landscape mode, although this would be better suited to be printed in portrait mode, then I laminate it and mount it to a wooden or metal backing, add a long stake and set in ground.


Definitely cheaper to print and laminate them yourself {if you have a laminator} than what most cost per sign at a sign shop!

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