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Elements and Props


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Are you talking about in visualiser? If so its props and fixtures. I think it's ...Prop would be a mega tree fixture would be the the strings on the mega tree

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+1 on Eric in VI.

If just talking in more general terms ---


You say eether and I say eyether,

You say neether and I say nyther,

Eether, eyether, neether, nyther,

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So a prop, an element and a fixture are all the same?

I am just talking

About which to say on the forums and stalking to other people.

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Prop & element appear to be the same.
But a fixture is only a partial.

Like Eric said - Mega tree could be a prop or element.
The individual strands of lights are fixtures.

16 channel Mega tree is 1 prop.
16 channel Mega tree has 16 fixtures.


EDIT - just re-read yours and you said just talking.

So change my answer to YES.

All the same with folks that don't light.

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