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Cannot load any LOR sequences to DC-MP3


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I loaded a LOR1 sequence into LOR II Sequencer made no changes and did a save as under a new file name.

I then closed the Sequencer and opened the Hardware Utility to create a show on the SD card. Selected add sequence and selected the new LOR II sequence. Nothing no error message no warning no nothing, just closed the browse window.

If I select the original LOR1 file it will add it to the list no problem and I can then save it to the SD card.

Does this mean that LOR II will not work with DC-MP3 or am I doing something wrong?

MY controller CTB16K is maybe 3 weeks old and my DC-MP3 maybe a week old. Both will play the LOR1 files just fine.

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GREAT!! It worked thanks!

I was having issues with writing to the SD card (which I still do I just use a work around) and I downloaded the what I thought was a newer version of the hardware program from the support page.

I reinstalled LORII and all is right with the world again,

Thanks again.

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