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Full Copper Verus CCA Wire for Pixels


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Looking at wire for several pixel project. Noticed speaker wire, comes as "full copper" or "copper clad aluminum...CCA". Didn't really pay attention to this when buying wire for past year's dumb led displays.

But with length/gauge of extension wire between E1,31 controllers/pixels already a consideration, thinking that wire type might also be a concern?

Thoughts...best to pay the extra for full copper or a non-concern for our type of use?

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I buy the 16 gauge extension cord wen on sale. The heavy duty cord with three conductors is perfect for the pixels. On average I can run my 12 volt pixels up to 80 feet away from the controller without a null pixel.

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I don't think I would ever use wire that had "aluminum" in the name



CCA is difficult at best to solder, at least in my experience.

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