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Hello!  I've been sequencing a bunch of files, and I've finally determined how I am going to physically place my controllers and hook everything together for my 2016 show.  I'm going to be purchasing my LOR hardware and accessories during this year's mad grab sale.  Due to my home's layout, I'm going to be separating my home's circuits into a "West" and an "East" side.  The control computer will be located in the garage.  I plan to use one of the USB485B adapters because they have two separate output jacks.  This is how I would like to hook things up:


Computer -> Single RS485B Adapter


RS485B Plug 1 -> West Side Controller (Also in garage)

RS485B Plug 2 -> ELL Garage -> ELL East Side -> East Side Controllers (2)


With that in mind, my questions are:


1. Within the Light-O-Rama software, will this be considered one network, or two?

2. I'm using the ELL's to go to the East Side because of the distance - the Cat5 cable would have to be 100 feet to get from the computer in the garage to the East Side controllers.  Could I eliminate the ELL's and go with cable instead, or would that be too far?

3. What are the maximum recommended distances between (1) RS485 adapter and ELL, (2) RS485 adapter and first controller, and (3) controller to controller?


I've attached a photo of my house that should help visualize how I'm setting things up.  In case you're curious, I'm also switching from all-incandescent to all-LED lighting.  My 2016 display will have 5,560 LED lights, mostly in sets of four (white, red, green, blue) with a pink tree for my daughter, as well as 40 C7 Xenon strobes mounted on the lower roofline.  For 2017 I'll be adding on the upper roofline and eight mini trees in front of the flower bed on the East side of the house.


Thank you for your help!




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That will work and will be considered a single LOR network.


RS485 (what we use for communication) is good for up to 4000 total feet.  Other distances (for communication) do not matter.


Due to power constraints, an ELL must be within 25' of the USB485B or an AC controller..

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Just to be clear - instead of using the ELL's, I can use a 100-foot Cat5e cable to connect the East Side controllers without any issue?  This would save me a bunch of money (which I'd probably use to buy another controller).


And since you are a developer, I was wondering if you could weigh in one another one of my threads - it's had a few responses, but nothing from an actual LOR Software Developer:




Thank you!



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Ditto. Easily handle 100. As for twinkle and shimmer? This is something that has been discussed since those effects first came out years ago.

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