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Anyone find free plans on how to build talking faces boards. I am trying to see if its possible to find free diagrams. Find them print them then enlarge them to make a template. This goes for Halloween as well. I found a company that sells the kit for decent price but its basically a predrilled template. Anyone find anything like that out there or maybe take a pic of the layout so it can be duplicated. Thanks

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I think most here that create there own either use a standard graphics software package like Print Master or Print Shop and print an over-sized picture of what they may want to make or a projector and an over-sized projected image on the material they're going to use.  They then use the printed picture to determine where to place the holes for the bulbs for whatever features they want the animated lighted prop to have, this also helps in determining the length and bulb count needed for the prop.    At least these methods are how I would do it if I were going to make an animated singing prop.


I'm sure others will chime in with how they accomplish making their own templates for such things, otherwise, I've not really seen any "free" templates, just pre-made singing items or templates to purchase to make them.    Although I do think there were a few folks here that may have shared their singing face templates that made their own, but not certain if they just "gave then away for free."   If they did share them for free, I'm sure they'll chime in when they see your post.

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I did my matrix by printing out a image on several pieces of paper and sticking it together. I will be doing my Halloween singing faces like that.


I use Photoshop, but any decent program will do it.


You can create a line and put dots on it at even spaces. There are several ways to do it.


Then, put it in Word, or another program, set the paper size to something like A1, use the CM tool to set the exact size, and print it out.


Stick the images together with tape and then mark and drill each hole.

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I just project the outline of what I want to my Coroplast or plywood to the size I want it to be...


Then just measure along the outline for every 1/2 to 3/4 inch and mark it for the holes for putting my lights on....

depending on the size you are making and the lights you are using also determines how far apart to put your lights.

I use mini incons so 1/2 to 3/4 inch apart seems to work out for me.


Keep in mind... your light count will not always match your lights strings so just cover the lights that are extra.. y can also cut some strings shorter.... I had rather have extra lights to cover or blackout then to have gaps etc. in my display... 


also some displays can be painted for looks seeing better in the daytime and those colors enhanced at night with the type and color of lights used.


dont try to put the dots where you want the lights if you are going to be printing the outlines out for use as when you print them in say for example one page changed to print out over 9 or 15 pages etc. the dots will be way to far apart to use.. same if you use a picture size with a projector... the dots will be way to far apart.. do the ooutline you want on what you want it on them measure or I use a compass (sharp point on one end.. pencil in the other) etc. to put dots along the outline.

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