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So we got a letter from our HOA today saying that our "Tune to" sign is in violation of the "no signs" rule in the covenants.


I've written the President of the HOA, who has been kind about other requests I've made, to see if we can get a variance to allow our sign since it is technically part of our display.  I told him that if I can't display the sign, then 50% of my holiday display is pointless, and the work I've put into it for the past five months was wasted.


Don't worry - I said it in a very nice, polite, keeping-it-civil tone.


We'll see what he says.

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And just like that it's all fixed.  The Prez already wrote me back to say that we received the letter in error.  Apparently he gets a list of all the violations from the property management company, and when he saw our sign listed, he spoke to the company to request they NOT send us a letter - but they did ANYway.  He said that absolutely I need to keep my sign up and to enjoy the holidays.


YAY! :lol:

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Some "management" companies that oversee the folks that actually run these H.O.A.'s in their neighborhoods{not the people in the neighborhood, the "management company"} can be such brain dead morons at times that it astounds me.   


No H.O.A here where I am, but there is still a sign ordinance, but they know it's only for my Halloween and Christmas Display to tell folks where to tune in to listen to the lights.    I have 2 signs, one of those BetaBrite L.E.D. signs in my front window and a static sign in front of the house.     


Management here has never complained, just asked that they are not in service after the display comes down.   And that's reasonable!

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