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Controller "Lights On" loop where lights won't stay on


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I've got something weird going on with one of my controllers.  It just started today.  


I have a sequence loop where all the lights are on.  The loop is 1 minute and repeats.  I use one loop in the evening before my show starts, so that my lights are just static on.  I have another loop after the show shuts down in the evening to leave some of my lights on at 50%.  Well, it just started where at the beginning of the loop the lights are on, and then they all shut completely off for the remainder of the loop.  The lights are on for about 5 seconds, and then off for the remainder of the 55 seconds of the loop.  Then they come back on for 5 seconds again, then off.  


I unplugged all of my lights and brought the box inside for testing. All channels seemed to run normally in the hardware config mode.  So I put the box back outside and reconnected my lights.  In the hardware config mode I had all of the lights on and everything worked properly.  They stayed on for a good 5--7 minutes without any issue.  So I started my schedule and when the pre-show "lights on" show ran, the same thing happened.  I have 2 other controllers that are part of the "lights on" pre and post show and they are not doing this.  The lights stay on for the duration of the loop as expected in these 2 controllers.  And my regular show works perfectly as well with no obvious untoward effects of any kind that I can see.  


Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

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