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Eliminator LED Can Test


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I picked up a 76 LED can from SixStarDJ on ebay($39) - it's actually the Elminator Lighting Electro 76 and plugged it in along with ColorSplash Jrs (86 led)


It's a bit cheaper, but so far in test room, it's almost the same brightness is Jr. Leds are in circles... It's also more diffused than Jrs, doesn't have the very obvious circle pattern.. (I don't understand, as it's got circle pattern as opposed to Jr which has rows- I'd think it'd project that way instead.

Other difference- Jr's use channel 1 for Strobe/Intensity. Electro76 used channel 4 for Intensity/Strobe.. Kinda a pain to mix - as I set the Jr's channel 1 on all the time, then fade the color channel... This one has to have channel 4 set to 50% for full on.

Green appears a little dimmer on Electro76.

Dispersion seems much wider... might not need diffuser.

So far, I'd say that if you haven't bought any yet, it might be worth a look... I really like the idea of more of them across front of house so that I can do a smooth color fade from left to right etc....

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