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xLights release 4.3.0, "Production" release


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Release 4.3.0. This is the first "Production" release. 76 versions of Beta is enough testing. So "Beta" is removed. There were a few small changes in this release from Daniel Kulp
Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues
4.3.00  Dec 17, 2015
    -- change(dkulp) OSX uses dynamic wxWidgets libraries instead of static
    -- bug(dkulp) Don't call wxYield in Glediator render.  We're on a background thread. Fixes #384
    -- enh(dkulp) Add an "extra small" grid spacing
    -- enh(dkulp) Add a message box if the rgbeffects.xml contains a model with an invalid model type
BTW, there is an xLights facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/628061113896314/
Merry Christmas!
xLights development team
Some of those 77 releases over the last few months:
4.2.25  Dec 9, 2015
    -- enh(gil)   Add Copy Model and Paste Model effects options to row heading right click menu.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crashes in lightning effect if not all the effect properties are specified
    -- enh(dkulp) Allow maping the first layer of a model effect onto a strand
    -- enh(gil)   Increase null output maximum from 99999 to 512000 channels.
4.2.24  Nov 23, 2015
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix for crashe occuring during RenderText
    -- enh(dkulp) Increase the range for the text movement to accomodate longer text
    -- enh(dkulp) Add "Update" button to Color panel that will update just the palettes for the selected effects
    -- enh(dkulp) Reduce the number of wxString objects created during rendering.  Speeds up rendering of large LMS imports by 50% or so.
4.2.23  Nov 18, 2015
    -- enh(gil)   Increase max head length and repeat count for Morph.
    -- enh(gil)   Increase max radius from 200 to 250 for Fan, Galaxy, and Shockwave.
    -- enh(gil)   Slight tweak to Fan, Galaxy, and Shockwave so that step angle is 0.1 for > 350 instead of 400.
    -- bug(gil)   Fix Data Layer re-import so it works for all supported file types. Fixes #391.
    -- bug(gil)   Fix pictures effect so wrapping doesn't leave a gap.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix some problems with the Faces dialog where the first face would get it's data deleted.
4.2.22  Nov 15, 2015
    -- bug(gil)   Correct calculation for acceleration and deceleration of Morph, Fan, Galaxy, and Shockwave.
    -- enh(gil)   Increase spinner limit for model start channel and from output. Fixes #408.
    -- enh(gil)   Add concentric circle capability to new Circle model class.
4.2.21  Nov 13, 2015
    -- enh(gil)  Add Circle model class.
    -- enh(gil)  Smaller step angle for Fan, Galaxy, and Shockwave to support larger models.
-- enh(sean) Smaller step angle for Pinwheel, this allows the edges to show correctly on larger displays
-- bug(dan)  Fix chases in single strand.  Calc the correct offset and direction for the starting point
-- bug (dan) change e1.31 optimization so data gets sent when nothing has changed
4.2.20  Nov 4, 2015
    -- enh(gil)   Add 3 more DMX channels to support larger channel DMX lights.
    -- enh(dkulp) Change the ModelBrightness stuff to a full fledged multi-channel dimming curve supporting
                gamma curves, specific values from a file, etc...
4.2.19  Nov 3, 2015
    -- enh(gil)   Add effect to control DMX outputs
    -- bug(dkulp) Apply offset for SuperStar import to flowy and morphs
    -- bug(dkulp) Change algorithm of single strand chases to work a bit faster when dumped on a model group
if "group arches" is on.  Still slow, but not "it looks like it's hung" slow.
    -- enh(dkulp) Add an timing offset option for importing of SuperStar and LMS
    -- bug(dklup) Make sure we create an image with a valid size. With invalid models, can cause crash at render.
4.2.18  Oct 28, 2015
    -- bug(dkulp) Update effect toolbar and icon panel to always include all effects
-- enh(sean) Change output to lights icon to be a light bulb that fills in Yellow when on
-- enh(sean) changed icon for lights off to have a small red "x"
    -- enh(dkulp) Update Text effect Line 1 to have a "Vector" option (like images) for moving text arbitrarily
    -- enh(dkulp) Update SuperStar import to import the textActions (more or less, fonts are different, but close)
    -- enh(dkulp) SuperStar import allow scaling of ALL images.   Can import 12CCR into a 100x24 model for example.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix some problems with using the "From Output" stuff with new models.  Crash.
    -- enh(gil)   Allow zero speed for Marquee effect.
4.2.17  Oct 21, 2015
-- enh(dpitts) Made output/start channel in models have correct end output/end channel.
    -- enh(dkulp) Add some options to SuperStar import for doing some simple image scaling
    -- enh(dkulp) don't scale image in effect assist to allow editing images smaller than the model
    -- enh(dkulp) Start adding ability to resize image from effect assist
    -- enh(dkulp) Able to parse .sup files that have configuration elements (that aren't valid XML) (fixes #394)
    -- bug(dkulp) Prompt for image directory for SUP import up front so Cancel can work. (fixes #393)
    -- enh(dkulp) Make sure user_dictionary can load from show dir and make sure it can override stuff in the standard dictionaries.
-- enh(sean) Removed built in fade from lightning effect
-- enh(sean) changed the backup (F10) so that it saves files <20mbytes. Before it was 10mbytes.
    -- bug(gil)   Prevent magnetically connected effects from being crushed to zero duration.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix problem where numChannels*numFrames > 2G
    -- bug(gil)   Fix Marquee not rendering smooth when reverse is checked.
4.2.16  Oct 13, 2015
    -- bug(keithsw) Fix broken picture wiggle style
-- enh (sean) Added slider to give horizontal movement to lightning bolts
-- enh (sean) Added check box to give chose to have forked lightning.
4.2.15  Oct 08, 2015
-- bug(gil) Fixed the labels showing "off"
4.2.14  Oct 07, 2015
-- enh(ChrisD) Add application launcher for linux
-- bug(ChrisD) New timing dialog should be titled as such (partial fix for issue #377)
    -- bug(gil)   Buttons will now re-enable after an LSP export model operation.
-- enh(Keithsw) New feature in pictures, tiled pictures
    -- bug(gil)   Fix potential crashes for all imports where models may be hidden.
    -- bug(gil)   Fix LSP import effects when a target model is hidden.
-- enh (sean) New effect class Lightning
    -- bug(gil)   Sequence SaveAs was not saving XML in new directory.
    -- bug(gil)   Remove fixed attribute for timing track converted to papagayo timing.
    -- enh(gil)   Add LOR conversion option to show verbose channel mapping.
-- enh(Keithsw) Updated tile code to support x/y offsets in Picture effect
    -- bug(dkulp) After deleting an effect, if you hit Up/Down, crash will result
    -- bug(dkulp) Use native ObjectC code for clipboard paste for custom models to support pasting from Numbers
    -- bug(dkulp) Click on a "node" may not hit test properly if an effect exists on the model or strand layers
    -- bug(dkulp) Prevent effect from being resized so start is < 0ms which prevent effect updates/rendering/etc..
    -- enh(dkulp) Add option to twinkle to re-randomize the color after each twinkle
-- enh(keith) Added tiling options to picture effect
-- bug(sean) Fixed bottom row of plasma. Bug was the bottom row was copied from top row
-- bug(ChrisD) Fix issue #368 - missing OK/Cancel on Schedule Playlist
4.2.13  Sep 27, 2015
-- enh (sean) Added new Plasma effect. Now you dont need to use Butterfly to get Plasma effects
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crash when rendering models that have channels that extend beyond the configured range
    -- bug(dkulp) The "Enable" flag is only honored when changed while outputting to lights
    -- enh(cjd) Add application launcher for linux systems
4.2.12  Sep 22, 2015
-- enh (sean) Added a new style to Butterfly, Style=10. This allows setting color of Plasma
also all plasma effects (Styles 6,7,8,9,10 in Butterfly), will use
Background chunks to change the plasma effect.
-- bug (gil) * Fix crash if deleting a timing in new sequence wizards.  Fixes #372.
this bug was actually fixed in 3.2.11
-- enh (chrisD) * Implement issue #237 - Enhancement request: Media file missing,
prompt for user input
-- enh (chrisD) * Implement issue #367 - Enhancement: Add .out file type
to Glediator file search
4.2.11  Sep 20, 2015
    -- enh(sean) New effect Plasma. Access this through butterfly. Select Style 6,7,8 or 9
    -- bug(dkulp) On a new sequence, make sure the timer is restarted with the right speed
    -- enh(dkulp) Allow a custom color for each phoneme in faces.
    -- enh(dkulp) Allow multple face defintions for every model type, not just matrix.  Fixes #357.
4.2.10  Sep 11, 2015
    -- bug(gil) Fix effect selection when vertical scrollbar has been moved.
    -- bug(gil) Range check the number of fan and element blades for SuperStar import.
4.2.9  Sep 10, 2015
    -- bug(gil) Fix effect selection especially pointing hands not working.
-- bug(chrisD) Don't crash when collecting a crash report on linux
-- bug(chrisD) Fix text effect on linux
4.2.8  Sep 08, 2015
    -- bug(gil) Fix bug where play marker wouldn't work if pressing play was the first thing you do and also
                fixed dropping an effect while model playback is paused such that it executes a stop and
                switches to effect play.  Fixes #322.
    -- enh(gil) Use standard File SaveAs dialog for saving sequences. Fixes #336.
    -- enh(gil) Improved dialog when prompting to save sequence changes.
    -- bug(gil) Fix the single cell selection caused by undocumented logic enhancements last release.  Fixes #359.
4.2.7  Sep 06, 2015
-- bug (chrisD) Fixed a number of bugs in Linux version of xLights
-- bug (chrisD) Set colour of multi-selected items to yellow. This fixes the multi model select
in LAYOUT mode. Ctl-left click to select models. You can then move whole group at once
-- enh (dkulp A bit more error checking for placement of effects/timing marks
-- enh (dkulp More work on bg text render stuff, better mouse-over/selection for tiny effects
-- enh (dkulp) Remove the position things from Effects, base all hit testing on time and handle the specifics in EffectsGrid
    -- enh(gil) Stop effect playback when performing a Save operation.
    -- enh(gil) Add scale and position options to the Marquee effect.
4.2.6  Sep 02, 2015
    -- bug(gil) Fix morph row/column calculation for large model sizes
    -- enh(gil) New model groups default to "minimal grid".
    -- enh(gil) Add scrollbars to lower windows in Model Groups dialog. Fixes #350.
    -- enh(gil) Increase window frame model bottom limit.  Fixes #351.
4.2.5  Aug 29, 2015
    -- enh(gil) Add Marquee effect
    -- bug(gil) Fix crash when renaming model without sequence open.
    -- bug(dkulp) Implement an "Auto" mode for Eyes for Coro/Image faces that will blink roughly every 5 seconds on a rest
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crash if face effect dropped on a strand or node
4.2.4  Aug 26, 2015
-- bug(gil)  Fix view combo drop-down not populating when no fseq file existed.  Moved Initialize call
                 to make sure SequenceData object has been initialized first.
-- bug(gil)  Models that are renamed or deleted will now be updated in all views.
-- bug (chrisD) Fixed popup error box when selecting models in LAYOUT
-- enh(chrisD) New checkbox for channel overlap check in LAYOUT.
-- enh(chrisD) in LAYOUT fixed flashing when selecting models
-- bug(gil)  Presets will now populate correctly when switching to a new Show directory.
-- bug(gil)  Presets created at top level will now show up when program is reopened.
-- bug(chrisP) Fix export of Falcon .eseq Effects files
4.2.3  Aug 22, 2015
    -- bug(gil)   Version older detection code was wrong....this caused morphs to be converted when they shouldn't.
                  Also fixed morph corner 2b point graphic.
4.2.2  Aug 20, 2015
    -- enh(chrisD) in the Layout screen starting and ending channels are now shown. Name,Start and End are clickable columns to sort
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crashes when renaming models that are part of a group or renaming a group.  Fixes #337.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crash on clicking Up/Down if no models selected. Fixes #181
    -- enh(dkulp) Make "Export Model" export the current state of the model, add option to re-render it
    -- bug(dkulp) Enable "Export Model" for groups
    -- enh(dkulp) OSX - Disable AppNap and Timer Coalescing when Output To Lights is on
    -- eng(steve) Add keybindings "O" for Off and "F" for fan effects
    -- enh(steve) Update Readme for Windows builds
4.2.1  Aug 14, 2015
    -- enh(gil)  Timings added to a sequence default to exist in all views.
    -- bug(gil)  Mark rgbeffects file as changed when views are modified.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix saving the model XML during resize/rotate
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix clearing when an effect is shrunk
    -- bug(dkulp) If a papagayo track is in the sequence, trying to add another timing track will crash
    -- enh(gil)  Models that are copied will now display in the center of the screen.
    -- enh(dkulp) Add ability to enable/disable various outputs (so if controllers aren't hooked up, don't arp flood)
    -- enh(dkulp) Add ability to configure e1.31 ouput to handle consecutive universes in one output
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix problem of rotating elements with unequal scales
4.2.0  Aug 8, 2015
    -- bug(gil)  Fix channel map buttons disappearing when resizing dialog.  Fixes #313.
    -- bug(gil)  Prevent crash when doing Import Effects on xLights xml file.
    -- bug(gil)  Fix sparkles, brightness, and contrast text controls so that sliders update.  Fixes #320.
    -- bug(gil)  Fix right-click crash on grid when no sequence is loaded. Fixes #317.
    -- bug(dkulp) Audio at non-full speed stops too early when only playing a range
    -- enh(dkulp) Add a "Minimal Grid" option for model group to specify just the area of the given models
    -- enh(dkulp) Add ability to have model sizes scaled separately for horizontal and vertical directions
    -- enh(gil) Add ability to import lyrics to a timing track.


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