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I don't think this has been covered and if it has you can point me to the right message. I am trying to use tracks but not for creating a new sequence. I am going from 64 channels to 128 for this coming season. I am also totally redoing my display. I am obviously trying to use LOR2 to make things a bit easier.

What I am trying to do is convert my old sequences to my new display. The timings are already done. My first track would be all the channels, after this I am not sure. I might use the second track for the mega tree or maybe all the channels that are red. Anyways, what i need to be able to do is copy to another track and add the exact same timings as it is in the first track, for some reason I have not been able to accomplish this.

Hopefully I explained that right, any help would be appreciated.

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There are a couple ways to do this. First, if you use "Duplicate Track" (on the Edit menu), one of the options it will give you is to duplicate all of the timings to the new track.

Second, if you've already created your new track (or don't want to use "Duplicate Track"), you could copy all of the timings from one track, and paste them to the other.

To do that, first select all the timings in the track you're copying from - for example, hit "Home", then "Shift-End".

Next, either right-click in the selection and select "Copy Timing" from the popup menu, or else select "Copy Timing" from the Edit menu.

Finally, select the new track, then either "Paste Timing" from the Edit menu or else "Paste Timing at..." from the right-click menu. When it asks you where to paste the timings to, enter "0" (meaning paste the timings starting at 0.00 seconds).

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