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It was all "Worth It"


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Just sitting here having a beverage and I heard some noises outside so looked out the window to see what appears to be a couple of families (about 14-15 people) on the sidewalk dancing to the display. They were singing so loud I heard them inside!  I see at least 4 cars are catching photos or video of the display and everyone is obviously having a GREAT Time.  We've got them all lined up with two cars patiently waiting their turn to get into viewing position.  I wish you all could see the looks on these kids faces.


Thanks to ItsMeBobO for use of his MIIP software.  We allow our users to control the lights by voting for the next song from their smartphones.  We've had 340 votes cast so far this evening for their favorite songs.


Watching all these folks makes all the late nights and hair pulling all worth every bit.   Thanks LOR and thanks to everyone on this forum who helped us get to this point.   By the way Dave T, your Frozen Mash-up CCR tree sequencing is still the hit of the parade.

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Congrats. It's a great feeling.

I agree 100%. This is my second year. A local paper picked us to do a little article on.. Since the article came out its been crazy out side.

Love the sound of the kids laughing and singing out side and families taking photos.

I also have to send out a big thank you to holiday sequences for taking my show to the next level.

Lol. To the point my mother in law couldn't get in her driveway. Hehe. Shhhhh. I didn't say that.

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