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Feature Request - Open Of Port Failed


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Hey, I was thinking about that box that pops up when you start the sequence editor with the hardware open, or control lights disabled. To me, it is annoying, and from reading here, a few newbies freak out when they see it, thinking it is some cryptic error message. So I was thinking that it would be cool to get rid of that box, and have a simple, but eye-catching display inline with the toolbars.

It could say...

Control of lights disabled
Comm port open failed
Lights enabled/port ok
Controlling Lights

In addition, they could be clickable with the info on how to correct the problem. To me, id like to see this feature, because not only would it clear up some confusion, but if you had to do some last-min. editing while your show is setup, you would know at a glance if your yard was going to flash unexpectedly.

--Daniel L

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