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PLEASE. Ned 16x50 David foster carol of the bells pixel tree.


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I'm reaching out to anyone who can help. I would like put into my show for this year: David fosters' Carol of the Bells. (Work kicked my butt and I am not where I wanted to be)

Another forum member shared their LOR sequence(I'm sorry I forgot the user name. But THANK YOU AGAIN). I have that done.

BUT I really need to add a sequenced 16x50 pixel tree to add into my show. I usually buy from holiday sequences but they don't have this version. I know Brian from super star does but I was looking for something a little different.

I am willing to pay for your hard work. I am NOT looking for a hand out. Just a helping hand. As with most of you I do my show for charity. A BIG THANK TO THOSE WHO CAN HELP. Chris. Johnnykat12@aol.com

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Sorry. Shameless little bump.

I understand everyone put in a great deal of time to do this sequence. No worries I was just trying to bump up my song count.(only have 5) I really didn't expect the amount of people coming to see my show. I just thought I could give them a little more to see.(variation) Merry Christmas.

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