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upgraded to win 7 can't see files now


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I updgraded from xp to win7 this year so I had to re-install the lastest version of software I have a license for (3.8.2). I copied over all my old files and corrected the links for audio, channel config. etc. But, when I save some files from the sequence editor to my new folder not all files are visible unless I click the "compatibility files" button. Why do only some of my files get saved this way and how can I stop it? So far it seems to be the lss files, lcc, and some lms files.


The files are in appdate, local, virtualstore, progrma files(x86), light-o-rama, sequences folder instead of the computer, local disc, program fiels(x86), light-o-rama, sequences folder.


If I move my folders to mydocuments will the issue go away?

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