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Brad Bilger

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I have a small mega tree.  Ok...  it's actually 300' tall.  I have 14-250' Strings of C9 bulbs on each side.  Enough that I have to use two controllers to split the load up.  I created a 1 minute animation and shot it into Controller #1, a LOR1602 3G and have it linked to a second LOR1602 (Older generation).  Standalone was set to run with power on.  We have an energy management system that powers it up at dark and powers off at Sunrise.  For the first week, it ran PERFECTLY.  Not a bit of problem.  

The first animation sequence was a bit... Frantic.. so I created one that was more slow and stately.  Runs 2 minutes with several loops in it.  Shot it into the controller (After deleting the original routine) and tested it.  Again, it ran perfectly.... for 3 days.  Then crashed.   Checking the controller, I find that both controllers are blinking saying no communications.  I shortened the sequence some and reshot the program into the controller again.  

This last sequence is only 2 minutes long, Well less than the 5000 commands that LOR recommends for a standalone.  The power is controlled by a simple relay to a contactor that drops power off (Just as turning off a switch). 

Controllers are mounted at the top of the tower sitting side by side.  (Thank Goodness I got an Elevator).  Any ideas on why the controller started dumping the sequence?  I've done musical sequences for years that run off a computer, but this is the first that I have tried something that is standalone other than some of the 10 Watt floods I did last year.  (no problem with them either)

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Figured that would catch someone's interest. I'll shoot a short video this weekend and post it. And yes, it is 300 feet tall. It's in an amusement park.

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Of Course.. LOL... 

quick update on my problem.  It crashed again this morning.  So I shortened the routine to one minute, deleted the routine from the Master, Made the slave controller the new master, reloaded the program in it and shortened the Cat 5 cable that connected the two.  So we'll see what develops.  Anyone got any idea here?

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