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Looking for 48 channel Frozen Let It Go


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Hello all,


I am a newbie and have set up 48 channels with 10 Sequences from the store. Getting started a bit late I thought it best to start programming for next year's show. I am delighted how will the system works and we are the talk of the neighborhood. My 2 & 4 year old are Frozen fanatics so I was hoping to have Let It Go for them. I appreciate any help.




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i am new to this but i would like to have a copy as well randy88stang@gmail.com my 9 year old will love it. thanks in advance

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Nothing like being ahead of the game for 2016...

Old Sarge? Can you hook up a walkin' warrant with this sequence?

As much as I can't stand the song (three granddaughter who watch the movie over and over)

I'd like to let the neighbors enjoy the sequence.

Thanks in advance!


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hey Chief... you got mail... the files are big so give them time to download...

if they dont download try again later as I me be rebooting my sever that they are on.

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Can I get a copy too. I have a playhouse that has olaf pop out and gives candy so that would be perfect.

Thanks in advanced.


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