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30W 36V RGB Flood Light Modification and Controller

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Two years ago I modified 10W flood lights I bought from Amazon. They worked but weren't bright enough since I have a street light across from my house. This summer I decided to try to modify 30W floods lights I saw on Amazon for about $32 each. I bought one and modified it using a 36V power supply, resistors, and Light O Rama CMB24D controller. I did turn down power supply to 32V since controller power max input is 30VDC 30A. I've tested it and ordered 5 more. They've been running in my display for over a week now without a problem. I've received two different version of flood lights from Amazon which are manufactured in China. I'm posting a link to pictures from my dropbox. Hope this helps out a few who are thinking of modifying 30W floods.


Version 1:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gm9gn5ub4sfz4dj/AAABPoCWLqzGCYZNFEgIVugYa?dl=0


Version 2:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v725t60cvz3fv8c/AACyq-HBAeHDymh_Pdy6FA63a?dl=0

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Thanks for posting this info. I did not realize that these were that easy to hack. I may have to try that as like others the 10 watt lor floods just are not bright enough with my other lighting.



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Good job and thanks for providing your hack.


Please provide more information of the hack, like the resistors you used and the power supply you used.


Thank you,


Thanks Tom and you're welcome.


These are the resistors I used:




36V power supply:



Check your voltages before and after.

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