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I know its last minute.... but i have 2 songs done for my show this year...  and I would really like to have more...  its has almost taken me 6 weeks just to program this 2 songs.. its only my second year and I am still having trouble programming songs... if anyone here is able to help me with some programming, i would really appreciate it..   I know this songs like a lot ot ask, but if i could send you the layout channels, and maybe you can program any song you have with it..  Of course i can pay for you help through paypal or direct deposit... whatever works best for you....   from what i have heard most good programers can program a song in about 8 hours.... as for me its taken 6 weeks for 2 songs... So i havent gotten the feel for it yet.. but i would really like a nice show this year... last year was a let down for me, because i didnt has for help...    so please let me konw your price and if you could program a song thank you.

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