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Certain files "not available" for shows?

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I hope files that I have been working on that work fine when I test them with my controllers. However, when I go to set up a show in the simple show builder, The files do not come up as options to me.

I have tried to re-save in different locations. Is there a reason or is there something I am missing?



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SSB only looks in the main sequence directory, if your files {.lms, .las} are not there, it can not find them.  Unlike the Show Editor, the SSB does not allow you to browse to where your sequence files are located.


If using an SD Card and Director, the HWU{Hardware Utility} allows you to browse and locate your sequence files in any folder you put them in.  But the SSB is extremely limited and has no browsing capabilities, so this would require all your sequence files you want to use in your show be put in the main root directory of your Sequences folder.


i.e. if your sequences folder you set up when installing the LOR software would be "C:\LOR\Sequences" this is where you would need to copy your sequence files for the SSB to find them.

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Oh No!!!!! Now I really screwed up. I found the original file folder, but then I renamed it so I could find it more easily... Now when I go to SSB, there is nothing... I don't want to do anything more for fear of screwing things up more than they already are..


I am not sure if I can just rename the file? I am truly not that computer savvy. I just thought that placing it on my desktop so I knew exactly where to store my files for the shows would be my easiest option.

I guess not.....

Please help


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Use the "Show Editor" in the LOR control panel, instead.  It allows you to browse to any folder when adding sequences to a show.

+1 for this one.   The Show Editor has a lot more flexibility and options available, as well as load the sequence files from ANY directory they're in.   The SSB is used mainly for writing to SD Cards, and even there it's extremely limited in its use.   SD card shows are best written with the HWU instead.

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