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16 CCR Christmas Vacation Sequence


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This is a limited offer....like the 1st ten people. So please live an email address.  I hope to upload it else where for downloading. 


This is for a 16 ccr tree sequence but since it is in the lms format you may be able to copy & paste the inner 12 ccrs into your channel configuration.  (maybe as I never tried this).


Since I am sharing this sequence I am offering it in the lms format only. Otherwise pm me about the actual Super Star File & the cost.

Please note, I added a bit of time to the start of the song I have, and so you will see it in the sequence. So if you own the actual song by Mavis Staples you may want to add extra time to the song or just skew the sequence.



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I sent the sequence to 10 people.  For those of you that received the sequence I would honestly like your feed back in an email. Some of you I sent a sequence or two to you before & so you will notice towards the end of the sequence a scene from ( Do You Hear What I Hear ) ....the baby Jesus under the stars.... I did that for a reason. Let the Spirit Of The Season Carry you away. 

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Sorry I missed this offer! You do great work.

It's nice that you offer these.

If you do another 10 can this count as #1 sc_venice@yahoo.com  :)



Merry Christmas



If I ever get this aging body of mine to take the time to upload my 2012 tru 2015 sequences up on Media Fire then you will have your chance. Did I share my ccr sequences with you before? I recognize some on the list but not everyone. One of the hardest things for me to do is to share ccr sequences that take some time & some pain staking work to make. 


Anyone can sequence ccr trees. It just takes time & patience,  & a few tricks that you don't share with folks. ( but I may someday ). If my buddy Mega Arch ever gets into ccr / pixel trees then I may have him help me, & then I can teach him some stuff. Like 2016 Mega arch would be a good time to start. :)

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I started this obsession last year with two controllers I built. This year we are up to 4 and I busted my hump to get the 16 CCR tree designed and up on the house + build a couple of more arches and re-wire everything.

The Job gets in the way, but you can't do this if you're not working. :)



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