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made physical prop backwards, change PE prop definition on sequence?


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So I goofed. 


I made 2 panels for a matrix to be placed side by side and while I wanted them to be identical, I crafted the second panel in reverse of the first.



My main concern is that I already have effects made in PE for a prop definition that now does not match the physical configuration.


I could update the prop, but would I need to re-program/sequence the effects or are prop definitions independent?


Now, the only caveat to this is I may be able to configure my Alphapix 16 controller so that it matches my physical setup with the universes and data flow of the PE prop definition. I have 1 controller for each panel, but I need to double check if the AP16 controller can do a reverse snake like my physical setup, so the LOR PE software prop does not have to change.


Here's a photo that might help explain (please don't be confused by numbering...physical panels are string numbers, not universe numbers. The second panel will have string 1 be universe 17, 2-18, 3-19...):


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Just update the prop and re-save the intensity data file. Matt



I was really, really hoping for this answer. :) Telling my team to re-do their effects would have been bad.

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Not really. I did get it working with setting it up as custom. Essentially, reverse addressing might have worked, but my strings started (folded) on the wrong area. Reverse addressing would have still resulted in my matrix strings just being addressed incorrectly. Unless I didn't understand how that works exactly. Overall we got things working, sans a few lag issues that appear to be related to the controller, but most of those are fixed up now with a firmware update.

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