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Papagayo to lor translator


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Hi all, just wanted to start by saying new to this hobby so please bear with me,i have two questions


Question 1

i have decided on the song i wish to use for my show, i have used papagayo to lip-sync the animation ( used the mouths in the program not the ones on my tree), did this fine and have a good lip-sync to the track, this is where i start to get problems, when i try and use papagayo to for translator i don't get any numbers in the channel list after import the .dat file, can any one please help , feel I'm so close to getting a break

Question 2

how do i create my own animation in papagayo so it will show my singing faces


hope to hear from you soon and many thanks in advance


ps i have watched hundreds of you tube videos and searched this forum for help before posting 

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