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Shortcut for adding lots of RGB Channels.


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Three quesions.

I've created my DMX Mode and CMD tracks.  Then the RGB Global all lights track.  Works great and all lights work as one single colour string.  Although not used in LOR mode I've also created the WHITE LEDs and the GROUP INTENSITY track for global control. 

Next, creation of each lamp starting with lamp ID#2 which is RGB and channel 13,14,15.  Again with Lamp ID#3.  Only 98 more to go on this Universe. 


Is there a way to do with with cut and paste or do I have to edit each RGB entry?  Nothing I try seems to work.


And then, once I export the channel configuration when I import it is there an easy way to change all of them from Universe 200 to Universe 201?









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When you first create a universe, you can have SOME naming flexability, however once the universe is built, you are stuck to doing it the way you're doing it as far as I know.


BTW, IF you know how to manually edit the .xml file, you CAN do it manually faster.  However, one little screwup and SE will no longer open the file, so make sure you save often with a new filename so you can go back WHEN you mess something up.  If you don't know what you're doing, don't try this!

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Thanks Jim,

A quick look at the .LCC file shows how the XML is organized. Editing or even creating from scratch is definitely an option.

Now am I wasting time if I want to use the Pixel Editor with these lights?  Probably a better question to ask in the PE forum?


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