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Okay - What did I miss ...


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Read the manuals, looked up HOW-TO (videos R a waste of time).  I would rather read a SIMPLE step by step guide.


Problem: Create 50 pixel string & get pixel editor to do it's job. 


Steps: Sequencer: 50 RGB channels, saved.  Visualizer: 50 RGB string, saved.  Start PE.  Open sequence ... Import visualizer as prop.  OK ... where the heck is it?


Tried to do a simple TREE, ARCH & pixel string.  Something is missing.  I cannot see the step(s) missed. 


The samples, for whatever reason, do NOT work.  That is not good either.


Jumping through hoops to get a simple "test" to work ... not on my "TO DO" list.  :angry:


3000+ pixels and no S4 - bad enough I am having issues w/the hardware dongle.  (reverted to E1.31 -> DMX bridge)


Anyone direct me to a clear step by step "HOW TO"  ?????????   Heck, get my RGB spot light to show and work - that'd be a START.


Much appreciated.



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Maybe I am biased, but I think video tutorial #2 is pretty simple and clear. If you had watched it, you would have found out that your first 2 steps are wrong. You start by creating a preview in the Pixel Editor. You do not start with the Visualizer or the Sequence Editor.


After creating the preview, the tutorial goes briefly into the Sequence Editor to create an empty sequence (NO channels). As of version 4.3.2, that is no longer necessary. You create a new sequence directly in the Pixel Editor by selecting File > New from the menu.



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Hi Matt,


I will not doubt the value of a video.  Some folks (or most) do OK with them.


Then there is a smaller group that have a different perspective - reading the steps and working it out.  I didn't find anything in writing and for me, I am allot more proficient reading and applying.  Different strokes for different folks.


Anyhow - I see there could be some confusion on my part - is why I'm here.


Okay - Pixel Editor does not offer NEW under FILE... that would be NICE but isn't on the list.  I did find Preview List offers NEW.  I have 2 setup for a 50 pixel strip.  U1 and U2 (for testing/training purposes).  their properties are identical except for universe #. 


I can't find any problem with the settings - okay with that then.  This PE requires a sequence file opened otherwise it just looks at you - I got something going but dam if I can understand why things are as complex for a simple COLOR ON  - stuff like that. 


Maybe a "SIMPLE" and "ADVANCED" mode would allow faster sequence creation - having to jump between programs to setup sync'd shows - that's crazy.


For me, S4 logic flow is wrong.  Visualizer is where you can draw a conceptual view, name the 'PROPS' and should be able to generate a working skeleton for Pixel Editor and Sequencer (IMHO should be ONE program).  All THREE programs integrated with the ability to share working data seamlessly.  IMPORT?  EXPORT?  Wow!


I feel S4 needs to go back into development and become tightly integrated into a single program.  This current software arrangement is more reminiscent of the days of "DOS" where you couldn’t run many programs together due to memory limitations of 640k - long before Windows broke the mold.  Different programs had to be run to accomplish tasks in some situations. That was 30+ years ago.


Thanks for the course correction.

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There is a PDF tutorial for the Pixel Editor at:




I am updating it for version 4.3 to incorporate the File > New addition to the Pixel Editor. The update should be posted very soon.




The updated PDF file which incorporates the File > New functionality in version 4.3 is now posted at:




You can navigate to it by choosing Support > Sequencing Suite > Tutorials from the web site menu, then scrolling down to the Pixel Editor section.



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Hey Matt,


Have a look at that PDF.  Note the STEPS starting at page #4.  TWO #1 and jumps to #3?  Me thinks there are missing pages or something went a bit wonky there.  That would confuse Shakespeare!


Another note is the TUTORIAL sequences.  NOTHING works.  Visualizer - tutorial ... Can't have a tutorial that doesn't work.  Tutorial = working example ... something to study and see how it all fits together.  THAT would REALLY be useful.


Sure, there are examples – nothing that is completely tied together or works together.  MAYBE it is how I have my files setup?  Central windows 2k3 server does that work.  S4 knows where to find its files – changed that up awhile ago with some help.


Another GOOD reason for WORKING examples:  Ability to build onto it - something for someone to "PLAY WITH" and see how it could work for them.  And if a mistake is made, keeping the original files allows someone go back and see what they probably did wrong.


Examples should include all the different controllers at their simplest form.  Something that says “hey, see this?”  this is how it works.  Inspiration NOT frustration.


In my trade, doing something WRONG for so long seems RIGHT.  That’s a hard mold to break.


I have 7 days and NOTHING to show for the past 45 days of work. 


AGAIN: Inspiration NOT frustration.




P.S.  Okay - saw the 2nd PDF file - so that is good.  (missed that)


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Have a look at that PDF.  Note the STEPS starting at page #4.  TWO #1 and jumps to #3?  Me thinks there are missing pages or something went a bit wonky there.  


Step 1 is to "Create a preview". This takes 2 pages to explain (pages 4 and 5). Step 2 is to "create a sequence" (page 6). Step 3 is to "create rgb effects" (page 7). There is nothing missing there.




Another note is the TUTORIAL sequences.  NOTHING works.  


I've used this material to teach classes and I have been through it myself many times - it does produce a working sequence. That is the whole point. If you are getting stuck at a particular step, please let me know and I will be happy to provide clarification.



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Thanks Matt,


Right now I am resorting to plan "B" – all of the hardware is built and coding the software.


I first started with about 500 GECE pixels 2 years ago.  Using an Arduino for a controller and some C code got them going in 30 minutes.  A few hours working on it and different effects.


I won’t have sync'd music this year.  I've put together a fair looking animation.


LAST year I hand coded all of it.  Plenty of effects, special effects and routines that are easy to implement on an AVR platform.


This year with the addition of the pixel mega tree I found it to be more than I’d like to handle and was looking to simplify it.  I did NOT expect such a steep learning curve to get a simple string of pixels to work. 


Anyhow … I will have to take time next year to sort S4 out.


Happy holidays!


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