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Replacing U12 - U19 integrated circuits


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I bought 2 of the DIY CBT16PC kits and of course soldered half of the U series ICs backwards. When trying to unsolder them I broke more than half. I have a ticket open with support but haven't heard back from them. In the mean time, I have found what I think are the same/compatible components on eBay that I could have shipped overnight. The link for the IC is http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Qty-4-MOC3023-MOC3023-M-3023-Triac-SCR-Output-Optocoupler-IC-USA-Seller-/321566677459?hash=item4adede19d3:g:f08AAOSwZkJUUE2D.


Does anyone know if these are compatible? The model number MOC3023 matches but not the second sert of chips. I also purchased a pre-built unit last year and the ICs on that match the MOC3023 but not the second set of numbers.


Just wondering if I can get the parts sooner to get my show going.


Thanks for any help/suggestions!



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I put all mine on  ic sockets; makes it easier WHEN I make a mistake


the moc3023 is the correct number


these should work from Digikey; also made by Fairchild; 



I don't know how good your soldering techniques are but: 


I use a solder sucker to remove the solder from the bottom, then maybe use solder wick to get the rest; gently wiggle the bottom of the lead to free it from the hole.

This takes practice; if you haven't done it before, best send it back to LOR


The hole the lead goes thru is called a thru whole, and you don't want to damage that or you'll need to do even more work.


either use sockets next time or before you solder, check for proper orientation

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