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Turning Lights On/Off with Timer


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We would like the lights to come on at 5;15pm. First show start at 5:30pm. Loop through with 10min breaks Then stop the show at 9pm but still have the lights on till 12am. I run the controller using the uMP3g3. i was hoping i could set it up on a dumb plug in timer like we did our old dumb lights, but im thinking the controller loses it time by power cycling like that? Really dont want to run a PC all the time just for the controller. Any tips to make this happen would be greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays!

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The uMP3g3 does not have a real-time clock, so there is no worry about it "losing time" when power cycling. Unless you have configured triggers, it will play shows in order as soon as the power is applied.


I haven't actually tried this, but this is what I got from reading the manual:


Create a show named "Show01" that will have 1 animation sequence 15 minutes long. Set this show to play once.

Create another show named "Show02" that will have a bunch of repeating sequences timed so that it ends at 9 p.m. This is the tricky part. Have this show also play once.

Create a third show named "Show03" with an animation sequence similar to Show01. Have this show repeat continuously.

Have your timer apply power at 5:15 and shut it off at midnight.


If you want to keep the main show simpler, with a list of sequences that repeat, you could put the 3rd show on a trigger, and have a 2nd timer trigger this show at 9 p.m. You could do this with a relay.


The best answer is to buy a G3-MP3 with a real-time clock and have it do all this scheduling for you.

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Steven thank you so much for the response!! I will give it a try! if it doesn't work ill ether run a cat5 or buy the G3-MP3! thanks again for your help!!!  

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