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Sequence messing up


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I have a mega tree with 16 strings / 54 nodes per string. I am using a DIY Light Animation Zeus 16 string v1 controller and a DIY Light Animation  EtherDongle. All is running on LOR S3 software.


The  problem I am having is that 4 of the 16 strings do not follow the sequenced colors. The red, blue and green could show as yellow, purple or white. The only sequenced color that seems to show correctly is white.


I looked at the sequencing. I do not have yellow of purple in the sequence.


I have checked my hardware. It is running correctly. I have moved the strings around. They run correctly on another output. I replaced the 4 strings with new unused strings. Same results.


Is there something I changed for those 4 strings to make them act that way?



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