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Having 1 pixel chase from prop to prop


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I have like 5 arches or 6 candy canes, is there any way to have a pixel or small group of pixels start on prop one and travel across the other props to the end?

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In MS Paint, create a png image where size is the number of pixels you want "on" at any one time. Set all of the pixels to white. Save the image.


In PE's effect generator, set the right-hand effect to picture and point it to your png image. Uncheck "Scale Image" and set movement to left or right. In the middle, set the mix to "Mix_Rt_Reveals_Lt". Now use a colorwash, or any other effect on the left. Only the rows or columns you enabled in your png image will light up in the middle (result) window.


It is recommended to use this technique with version 4.3.2 - as it contains significant improvements to the picture effect.



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How many times have you posted that comment this year Matt? No offence to OP as you taught me that also.


I have made some pretty cool effects using that method. Like a fire in a fireplace :)

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