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Large Tree design


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I want to build a large tree display for this coming year, but I want it to have the lights look more like a regular tree with random patterns. The animated trees at www.animatedlighting.com would be a good example.

My thoughts were to build it in 3 or 4 - 7 foot sections that could be assembled and then torn down for storage without having to restring the lights each year, although this will probably entail cutting the strings of lights and having plugs on them between sections so that I can get a channel to light up more than one section of the tree. I suppose that I could just increase the number of channels to make it easier. I do plan on using at least 64 channels to control and around 20,000 lights. This isn't set in stone yet as I am still working on the idea for this.

My question for this group is - Does anyone here know of a design site that would show something along these lines (not the Mega tree design)?

Overall I want to make the tree around 20 to 30 feet high and apporoximately 8 to 10 feet in diameter at the base.

I know that I can buy a large tree like this from animated lighting and similar places, but I was hoping to save some money by doing it myself.

Thanks for the help.

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