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Am I going about this all wrong?


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Apparently I was going about this all wrong considering my op did not even post...

The original post read "thanks to Clearwaterlightsmn.org for this video" my question is in this video, the trees up front seem to be lit with white LEDs and sequenced separately and then rgb floods added to change color?? Is this accurate? Can someone confirm that this is what I'm seeing?

I know it is too late to make these changes this year, but always planning for the future..

I currently have white trees that have separate rgb dumb strips... This seems like a simpler concept if it is what I think it is...



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I think your right on. White only with color spots. Interesting concept :)

Still quite a few channels as you see the one tree grow up before spreading out and that curvy wave part they did.

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George is a member here.

Im pretty sure those trees are rgb or pixels, and the white is just a "wave" going over them.

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