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Zara suddenly stopped audio output


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I have been using Zara for years, and my show computer plays my library when my show is not running. I have been playing Zara now for weeks broadcasting.


Suddenly today, it stopped out putting sound. It was last working yesterday when I had the radio playing on my station. Nothing happened on the computer. I can play MP3 using Windows Media and it outputs. I play Zara and nothing. I checked all my events nothing is activated, the clock is set properly. I have rebooted the machine, un-installed Zara, re-installed it and still no sound is output.


I sent an email to the one person I thought might know, and the input I got, I already had checked. It is weird. I installed Zara on my Build computer and it plays like it should. I cant figure it out.


Anyone come across anything like this?

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is there a possibility that your antivirus/ firewall my possibly be blocking it all from running.


Maybe a file in it is being blocked making it not work.. Check it with your antivirus.firewall off and see what happens. Especially if they were updated..

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