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Exported SS output is split on visualizer


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Happy Thanks giving to all ...

I have had this problem before and for the life of cant remember why or what was done to fix it...

I exported a SS sequence.
I have 2 trees defined in my sequence editor. 1 is a CCR tree with Macros and the other is the same tree as DMX without Macros.
I have 2 because I use the CCR tree to display in Visualizer. Once its where I want it, I can either copy/paste the channels or run them through a pgm I wrote last year to strip out the macros and paste that into the DMX tree.


However, the output from SS is showing up flipped and mirrored.

In other words. Its like the 1st 25 pixels have the correct display (bottom of the tree) and the top 25 pixels have an inverted replication of the bottom ...


I know this is simple but I am having a major brain freeze.... any help ???




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Sorry to bother everyone ...

I figured it out .. (remembered????)


This was a sequence done in CCR mode... I had to open it SS... convert to Visualizer ... then export ...



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